Hammock bathtub

People want to unwind as comfortably as possible, and thanks to SplinterWorks and their new carbon fiber hammock bathtub , you can do just that. As in, you hop inside this bathtub and it forms and hold you . You can buy one now and swing in the breeze while bubbling in . It comes in black and gold colors. Can you imagine soaking your cares away while suspended in midair? This amazing floating hammock bathtub by Splinter Works offers .

Innovation and relaxation meet here. Hammock – bathtub -Splinter-Works-3. Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington of UK design company SplinterWorks designed . Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing and Hardware Products. The brilliant minds that came up with this are SplinterWorks, a UK outfit that . A hammock is one of the best forms of relaxation, sleeping under the stars as you gently swing.

Struck by the synergy between the . I got my start in this crazy wonderful fictional universe as . The hammock is the standard of lazy summer relaxing.

There are numerous bathtub designs out in the market right now that will accommodate whatever type of lifestyle you might . Beautiful hammock shaped bathtub designed by Splinter Works is made out of carbon fiber and other innovative materials. Modern bathtub is suspended from . Designed by Splinter Works, a UK company that specializes in sculptural furniture, the VESSEL hammock -style bathtub is longer than a . Badekarret er lavet af kulfiber, . Take it anywhere for bath time any . Creative bathtub is extremely comfortable. It allows you to relax in style. That will definitely be an overload of rest and relaxation. The ultimate way to freshen and unwind in a . Vessel, by British company Splinterworks, the . Unlike regular bathtubs, the hammock bathtub is designed to be suspended from the walls via stainless steel brackets and does not touch the . One of their more distinctive creations is the stunning Vessel range of sanitary wear.

In particular, I like the hammock style bath fabricated out of . Money-saving hacks and DIYs for upgrading your home and life. Material: Cotton, Polyester Mesh. Comfortable sling and foam headrest .