Float switch

Float switches are used for simple limit value detection in liquids. Due to the higher density of the liqui the float switch floats on the liquid surface. A ball operated mechanical float switch to replace the older mercury switches. Our Bulletin 8Float Switches are heavy-duty industrial control devices.

They open and close contacts in response to changes in liquid level.

It is also suitable for use in sewage and for automatic level control. The KS float switch is impact- and shock-resistant, mercury-free, and environmentally friendly. No bellows, springs, or seals to fail. Applications include level and valve control, automatic tank dump . Vi har alt fra store modulsystemer til enkeltprodukter – med bare ett museklikk . Perfect for starting or stopping pumps, opening or closing . Mobrey float level switches are rugge robust, and trusted globally for their long- term reliability in the harshest of environments.

The position of the float switch changes with the rise and fall of the water level.

Discover our tools: Autoflow. KEFS Electric Float Switch by KENCO. KEFS uses float to determine presence or absence of liquid in vessel at process connection. The LLSS refrigerant float switch provides an electrical switching action in response to change in the refrigerant levels in various applications where control and . BERNSTEIN float switches are designed as contactless magnetic switches. Our Liquid Level Sensor is backed by 1 quality control.

A comprehensive range of multi-point switches using the reliable reed switch and magnet principle. Bespoke manufacture to customer specification. Customized and shipped in hours. FPI Sensors is the industry leader for designing float level sensors. Sizing and selection tools, quick dimensioning, pump replacement tools, CAD drawings, pump curves and other relevant data.

The LRseries Float Switches , efficient liquid level detectors. This float switch is compatible with various sump pumps. Stainless steel – adjustable.

They trigger switching commands at filling levels that can be defined in advance, and are therefore able to . Use these mercury float switches to automatically operate pumps or alarms.