Dx radio

Annonsmarknad med e-postlista för radiorelaterade produkter. Gratis för ALLA – privatpersoner som företag. Utøveren av aktiviteten kalles for DX -er.

Langdistansen avgjøres av hvilken frekvens og . DXing is the hobby of receiving and identifying distant radio or television signals, or making two.

Among amateur radio operators and shortwave listeners, most traditional DX communication occurs on the HF bands, where the ionosphere is . Logs of FM and MW dx news and comprehensive UK RDS listings. Radio News and Information for dx -ers. Your definition of DX will probably depend upon the bands on which you are. It also allows to send DX -Spots and more features. DXFun Web Cluster – DX Cluster mainly in Spanish, with chat, filtering . AM dxing, medium wave dx , long range AM, MW dxing.

There are many aspects to ham radio.

This is just one of them, working DX (over seas) contacts for. I discuss nets and net operation in more detail in Chapter 10. And that gives me reason to talk about QSL-policy to day. Vanlig åpningstid , men også etter åpningsti etter avtale. An introduction to the hobby of DXing, listening to far-away foreign radio stations on.

DX -expeditions (DXpeditions), listen to audio samples of distant radio. Check out the latest DX News. FM101x – New To FM Repeaters? DX101x – 2Pages of Real DX Secrets For HF and Six Meters.

DX ) broadcasting passed quietly out of private hands. For discussion of issues pertaining to DXing and Broadcast Reception. INDEXA,A non-profit organization for the enhancement of amateur radio , worldwide peace, and friendship.

Dealextreme , nyter stor pris og fornøyde kundeservice. High resolution World Map software for Amateur Radio. Geographic and Azimuthal projection, Ham prefix and QTH lookup, CQ and ITU Zones.

Amateur radio ham shop telekom elektronik mätinstrument yrkesradio.