Beskrivelse: Med Vinmonopolet-logo. Champagnestopper – Champagnestopper HØ35Ø45mm Stål. The major factor, clearly, is the tightness of the seal. Professional-grade, chrome-steel stopper is the best thing to save an open bottle of sparkling wine as effervescent as the day it was . Actually this gadget is very .

Lengthens the life of your bubbly. With detachable pouring spout. Also great for sparkling wine. This stopper lets you easily reseal your champagne bottle. Please refresh your browser to load checklist.

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These champagne stoppers have been designed to preserve those bubbles in your champagne and sparkling wines. The stainless steel stoppers have a . Life in the kitchen is easier when you use the right tool for the task. Designed to preserve the signature bubbles in champagnes and sparkling wines, our sturdy . Champ : Handy stopper with double locking, made of stainless steel easy. Chrome stopper has Trump Winery logo on top.

Of high quality and absolutely tightly sealing—the sparkling wine and champagne stopper by zzysh. Thanks to the compact design your sparkling wine and . Stainless steel with rubber seal. A bottle stopper is an essential accessory for every wine cellar, perfect for any . Keep the bubbles with this chrome-plated steel champagne stopper.

Clamps securely to top of champagne bottle, rubber contact ring ensures air tight seal. This chrome champagne stopper seals in the sparkle to keep the celebration going longer.

Be the first to review this item. Simply place the stopper over the bottle top, . Unique cap design expands in the bottle neck and locks in place creating an airtight rubber closure seal, even when bottles are on their side.