Antonio lupi

Tuscan company which has stood out in the design and manufacturing of bathroom furniture, both in Italy and abroa for the past fifty years. Thanks for joining and for coming back frequently. Les tester og omtaler før du skal kjøpe på nett. ANTONIO LUPI SHOW ROOM STABBIA. Golran collaborates with antoniolupi in the set up of their showroom in Stabbia with its contemporary . THE FAMOUS ITALIAN LUXURY BRAND IS NOW INCLUDED IN OUR CATALOGUE.

We are organised with transport . Description: FOGLIO semi-inset. Antonio Lupi , the Italian luxury bathrooms bran with more than years . Discover the products, stories and building teams behind the project. Those who enjoy a good book and a warm bath should rejoice.

The Italian company Antonio Lupi created a variety of contemporary bathtubs . – of 1- Online shopping for Antonio Lupi at Amazon. Antoniolupi is a Tuscan company that stands out in the design and manufacture of bathroom furniture, both in Italy and abroa during the last fifty . UK supplier of Antonio Lupi products to compliment your luxury home. Home Bathrooms brands Antonio Lupi. Add all to my board View my board Back to all brands.

This company was founded in the 50’s from an idea by Antonio Lupi who has been able to transform a small laboratory for the crystal’s processing into a real . Antonio Lupi , a leading brand in the field of design fixtures and fittings for the bathroom, decided to profit from Ridea’s know-how to create Bit, the first radiator to . Patrizia, Nello, Andrea and Sergio made it happen. We work every day with passion so the bathroom in the .