Whale supersub 650 manual

Straight forward installation. Multi position pump head and body. Note: Super Sub flow rates are expressed in ltrs and US gals per hour. Includes manual override facility.

Narrow Low Profile Electric Bilge Pumps (separate bilge switch required). Wrong pump orientation, consult Installation Instructions , available with. Auto or manual , in off position . Du kan velge mellom vertikal eller hor. När du ska testa autoläget så funkar det inte, som manualen påstår, att vinka med handen . Note: For wiring advice on your installation, please contact Whale.

I followed the diagram in the booklet for the whale. Supersub 5Auto can be switched manu-. Lensepumpe med lav og smal design. The narrow low profile automatic compact bilge pump range. No separate bilge switch Ease of Installation.

Low, narrow design for confined . Manual BILGE liquid removal pump boat marine or canal syphon . They are small, low profile and the auto versions (such as the Subersub Smart 6). Plastimo Bilge Pump 9Manual Compact. GPH Automatic Super Sub Low Profile Electric Bilge Pump.

The Low Profile Automatic Bilge Pump Smart6Installation. WHALE SUPERSUB 12V 650GPH LOW PROFILE AUTOMATIC BILGE PUMP. Manual Pumps – manually operated with water physically pumped out,. Gusher Urchin Manual Bilge Pump.

Solid state switching – no moving parts. Suitable for use with fresh or salt water. Whale SuperSub 5Bilge 12v 500gph Pump 19mm SmartMarine Electric Field Sensor.