Afff foam

Its role is to cool the fire and to coat the. A vapor suppressing aqueous film is formed by the foam. Multiple offices from Mountain Home Air Force Base come together to test the fire supression systems in hangers. Approved Sprinklers for use with Foam Concentrates.

AFFF Foam Test Ellsworth AFB POL. Not all firefighting foams are classified as AFFF.

Environmentally responsible Centurion is the next generation in Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film. Application: for extinguishing water-soluble ( polar) flammable liquids. Links are given below for downloading the . SynonyAqueous Film Forming Foam.

Manufacturer: AMEREX CORPORATION. The concentrate provides rapid . Laboratory Evaluation of Foam Agents. NOTE: A description of each type of foam is given later in this note.

Water extinguishers are efficient on Class.

A fires involving paper, wood and textiles. Low Price on Amerex B250CG 2. Foam extinguisher suitable and effective for flammable liquids such as fuel, oil and solvents as well as paper, grass and cardboard. Standard packing in 20ltr, 200ltr Drum. Cylinder Height-Approx(mm): 620. Total Weight(filled)-Approx(kg): 14.

Features an easy and effective application . Discharge Time-Approx(s): 30. Bundeswehr Research Institute for Protective . However, not all firefighting foams are classified as AFFF. It is suit- able for use with foam compatible dry powder extinguish- ing agents. Extinguisher featuring all metal . The purpose of this CertAlert is to: a.